old world chic

copper tub

bringing it all together

When Dianne and her husband built their home, they chose a Mediterranean style, but wanted a cohesive look throughout. So to match the copper farmer’s sink in the kitchen, she chose a striking copper clawfoot tub for the master bath. Ordered from India, the tub is not only striking; it’s roomy too. “My husband is six-foot-three, and he fits in the tub just fine,” Dianne laughs. “But it is one of my favorite elements of the home. It’s something that we both look forward to on the weekend—to have a nice relaxing tub to soak in.” The lights set in the mirror are essential for getting ready for the day, says Dianne. “Those really worked out great for me.”

Cabinets: Craig Sowers Custom Cabinets; Countertops: Arizona Tile