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by Adrian Gomez with Su Casa Staff

create your own gym for a stay-at-home workout

Six months of staying at home has markedly changed our everyday routines. Many stops that we frequent have been shuttered, altering how we approach important tasks and daily priorities.

With gyms being closed, adaptation to home workouts has been critical to staying in shape and keeping our cool. Many have gotten creative, planning outdoor workouts in parks or around their neighborhood.

Scheduling workouts at home is more flexible and economical, and can be a noticeable timesaver for our hectic schedules. By adding in a few key elements, you can have an effective, convenient, home-based workout solution.

Finding workout products is a bit of a challenge, because demand is currently high, but including a few simple, yet critical, components for a home gym can provide efficiency to each workout. Before you go shopping for your home gym, figure out what you will truly need and use, says Armando Baca, a licensed personal trainer in Albuquerque. Shop for “where you are on your personal fitness journey, and what your ultimate, overall goals are,” he says.

It’s also vital to understand what you want to accomplish before starting an exercise plan. That way you can navigate through the challenges that will inevitably come, he says.

When setting up a gym at home, plan free weight stations that include racks and storage solutions for housing dumbbells, barbells and plates. Portable fitness equipment is handy for park sessions and can also be used for home-based routines. Include items such as steps, benches, bands, balls and mats to assist with core strength, stability, balance and muscular endurance, Baca says.

Scheduling workouts at home is more flexible and economical, and can be a noticeable timesaver for our hectic schedules.

Consider a universal, total gym, which can provide a one-stop solution that targets all areas of the body.

According to a John Mark Custom Homes blog post on creating the perfect home gym, a critical first step to transitioning your space is to carve out a dedicated location, one that will serve you and your family’s fitness programs.You’ll be more likely to regularly use
the space if fundamental elements are easily accessible.

Get creative and make use of the wall space in your gym, the post advises, and “install hooks for jump ropes or shelving for hand weights.”

A foundational component to any home gym design is joint-friendly flooring. If high-impact aerobics are your thing, install shock-absorbing flooring solutions to reduce wear and tear on joints. If you like to get your Zen on, consider cork flooring as a slip-resistant option for your daily yoga practice.

John Mark Custom Homes also advises that lighting your home gym space is important to obtain optimal results and to prevent injuries. The right combination of effective lighting  and strategically placed mirrors can help hone skills to keep your technique in check.

Your favorite tunes can keep you motivated and inspired and ready to charge the day, so consider a home sound system or create a designated space for your music player and Bluetooth speaker.

Now that your space is ready and equipped with essentials, consider consulting a personal trainer to help you reach those ultimate goals. While a home gym might feel like a temporary space, you can make it a permanent part of your home and life through effective workouts all year long.

Armando Baca
John Mark Custom Homes