sipping in style

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sipping in style

by Jessa Cast

The Ivy Tearoom invites you to make some glitzy, glam-y memories of a lifetime

MANY PEOPLE ENJOY the English tradition of afternoon tea, served with sweet and savory finger foods. Imagine taking the poshness of that tradition, mixing in fairytale decor, and bringing the whole affair firmly into the present. Instead of a staid, prim ambiance in dark, wood-paneled rooms, envision bright, stylish spaces with touchable, textured furnishings and the most delightful teas, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

Amanda Ng, designer and owner of The Ivy Tearoom, had just such a vision. She opened her teahouse in 2015, initially renting a space in Albuquerque’s North Valley. A few years later, her sights set on a purpose-built space, she contracted David Waszak of Waszak Enterprises to build a new teahouse from the ground up. In November 2020, the new location opened in Los Ranchos.

Ng’s enthusiasm is evidenced in the decor and the menu. The two-story building resembles a home with a sweeping staircase and various semi-private rooms. Every room bears its own color scheme and themed decor, from floor-skimming draperies and lush velveteen seating to ornate chandeliers and sequined pillows. Larger parties can revel in the picture-perfect Pink Parlor. Pink is the underlying motif, both in decor and cocktails, giving it a powerful chic vibe.

Outside, the Secret Garden boasts two transparent igloos—with heating for cool months and shade for warm ones—for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Each room has a call button for extra panache, so service comes only when needed and never intrudes. The website offers an FAQ section to help set guests’ expectations for a pleasant visit.

Choose the Afternoon Tea prix fixe menu for three courses paired with teas. Tipsy Tea includes the same menu accompanied by mimosas, bellinis or glitter-swirled Glitteratis. Or upgrade to a vodka- or wine-based signature cocktail, each one as gorgeously Instagram-worthy as they are tempting. Menus and cocktails vary by month and season, respectively. For something less traditional, try the Sweets and Charcuterie menu. Or, for when you’re feeling fancy, this is the only establishment in town to offer a formal caviar service. Sparkling and still wines are available by the bottle (on Wednesdays, cocktails are half price, and bottles are 30 percent off ).

For a bridal party, date night or just a feel-good afternoon, The Ivy Tearoom is a not-to-be-missed twist on a classic: a distinctive, elegant rendezvous, where your inner princess can dine—and drink!—like a queen.