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fruit and spices
at home with fragrance

by Kate Jonuska

use fragrance to improve your home

For most laypeople, the worlds of fragrance and wine appear similar: full of experts and intimidating vocabulary which can block access to something we love, a love we might not be able to explain. Thankfully, in “At Home with Fragrance: Creating Modern Scents for Your Space,” Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger have stepped forward as scent sommeliers to the public, demystifying what scent is and offering no-nonsense ways any- and everyone can use scent to improve their lives.

Granted, you can only learn so much about fragrance from the unscented pages of a book. Pumphrey and Neuberger, however, are the founders of P.F. Candle Co., which they took from a DIY, kitchen-stovetop operation into a wildly successful company carried by 2,500+ stores in more than 45 countries. Self-taught then formally educated, they speak the straight-forward language of other self-taught, passionate DIYers, breaking down scents into accessible pieces.

After a crash course on the science of fragrance—including tenacity of scent, scent families and ratios of top, middle and base notes—they tackle scent on three fronts: fragrance by room purpose, fragrance for aromatherapeutic purposes and fragrance as decor. The authors go to wonderful lengths with recipes and instructions for making candles, incense, diffusers, potpourris and more at home.

Such wisdom makes “At Home with Fragrance” a true reference instead of another pretty cover for the coffee table, and the book would be a wonderful housewarming or host gift, perhaps combined with a few starter essential oils, scent accords and other supplies. The book’s best gift, however, is a new appreciation for and understanding of the scents that surround us, how they affect us and how we can intentionally scent our lives.