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purple dishware
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by Heather Shoning

Lavender, amethyst, eggplant … any hue will do

Purple has long been associated with royalty and wealth, bravery and independence. Its power to both calm and excite can bring into our homes peace as well as playfulness. Whether you associate purple with our local lavender fields, a loved one’s service to our country or a dramatic summer sunset, the hue is sure to add a little beauty to your everyday life.

Serving Style
Set your table for friends and family with this pretty eggplant-colored stoneware dinner set. The black outside of the dishes complements the hand-painted purple swirls on the inside. One 16-piece set comes with service for four, including dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and mugs. Create a beautiful contrasting tabletop by pairing these purple dishes with artichoke-colored linens.
Home VSS Sonoma 16 Piece Stoneware Dinner Set, $59.99

Healthy Hands
What’s not to love about the sweet scent of lavender hand products made with love and care right here in our beautiful backyard? Los Poblanos Lavender Hand Care Kit comes with hand soap, lotion and hand sanitizer in—you guessed it!— lavender fragrance. The kit also includes a San Ysidor Tea Towel and mounting bracket to put your products right within reach. Los Poblanos products are made with all-natural ingredients and essential oils, and they are tested on farmers, not animals.
$128, Lavender Hand Care Kit,

Perfect Planting
Line your patio or deck with annuals and herbs for fragrant and colorful outdoor decorating. These purple ceramic glaze resin pots make the perfect base for a variety of your favorite plants. They are durable and lightweight and feature drainage holes and UV inhibitors, so the color will remain fresh for several seasons.

Warm Up
This chunky knit throw is not only all the rage in blanket design; it’s the perfect way to keep the chill at bay when you’re enjoying our lovely spring evenings outdoors. The soft, fleece-like yarn in a loose-knit design will keep you just warm enough. Or keep it for looks and a punch of muted color thrown over the back of your sofa or a side chair.
Zariyah Throw, $74.99

Spirited Sweets
Recently, The Forking Vegan teamed up with Safehouse Distilling to use its Teller Vodka in an over-the-top boozy, sweet treat. Teller Blueberry Lavender Vodka infuses this lavender cake with a fresh blueberry compote filling. A boozy blueberry sauce makes a gorgeous purple drizzle over the lemon frosting. Pick up your own bottle of Teller Vodka and head to @the_forkingvegan on Instagram for the recipe to make your own positively pickled pastry.
Safehouse Distilling,;
The Forking Vegan, @the_forkingvegan

Sitting Pretty
Relax at the end of a long day on this sleek, yet comfy, midcentury modern-style sofa. The muted purple is perfect for making a statement, but not one that’s too loud. Two rows of tufting on the back, the tapered wooden legs and the minimalist, clean lines give the retro feel. It’s compact, so it’s perfect for small spaces but offers ample seating for up to three people.
$1,290, Martinique sofa,