pizza party!

Above: The beauty of a pizza party where the pies are cooked in an outdoor oven is that the heat stays outside. Plus, guests get to create pizzas to their own personal taste, using toppings already prepped. Toss a salad together, mix up a pitcher of margaritas, and you can easily feed a crowd. Photograph by Gabriella Marks.


In addition to opening her home to readers of Su Casa, Lana graciously shared with us the recipes for several of the dishes from this story. “For a typical pizza party, we cook eight different pizzas,” Lana says. “I prepare all the ingredients ahead of time. The night of the party, I distribute homemade aprons, and it is all hands on deck. Inevitably, the women seem to end up in the kitchen assembling the pizzas and the guys are outside cooking. With the right crowd, it’s a lot of fun!”