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CGN Designs - Chad Garrett North

6801 N. Mesa Suite B201
El Paso, TX



CGN Designs began in 1999 to create one of a kind communities and residential projects. Chad North, owner of CNG Designs, and his team of experienced experts take the time to learn the interests of their clients and they take those interests and combine them with their knowledge and defined principles of New Urbanism in the community. It is a privilege to work in this community and to design and develop areas that reflect our cultural and geographical region. CGN Designs can take an original creation and preserve the charm and elegance of its original design while enhancing the space and adding value to the home and neighborhood.Our clients are the most fundamental component of our work and we strive to create relationships that bring together their wishes and our design experience. The creation of both public and personal spaces is a process in which we take great pride and attention.