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Bella Vista Custom Homes

1404 N Zaragoza Rd.
El Paso, TX

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat-Sun:By Appointment



Bella Vista Custom Homes offers more than just a beautiful living space, we also supply peace of mind and the satisfaction in knowing that your house is tailored to fit your lifestyle. Fit and style are the most important features when purchasing clothing, so why should purchasing a home (most often the biggest purchase in one's life) be any different? Let your home complement your way of life.At Bella Vista Custom Homes, our experts will manage and assist at every step of the way, but our clients are also involved in turning their dream into a reality. The home buyer always plays a vital role in ensuring the finished product meets their requirements. From selecting lighting and fixtures to finally moving into their dream home, our customers are fully connected into the Bella Vista build process.Since Bella Vista Custom Homes offers both design and construction service, there's no need to complicate matters by out-sourcing other resources. All responsibility is tied into a single company. By providing all services under one roof, any future maintenance, upgrades, and refurbishment are handled efficiently and cost-effectively thereby eliminating any potential headaches.Bella Vista Custom Homes is committed to helping the home buyer in any way possible. Our expertise and offered services are not limited to only construction. To better serve our clients, Bella Vista Custom Homes also offers a complete set of real estate services and resources. Whether it is researching the market for the perfect home site or marketing your existing home for sale, let us take care of all of your housing needs. Bella Vista Custom Homes is always committed to providing the highest levels of service and quality in every aspect and endeavor.