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C & L Plumbing Supply Co. Inc.

4300 Rosa Ave.
El Paso, TX

7:30 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday



At C&L Plumbing Supply Co. Inc. in El Paso, TX, we give our clients quality service, affordable prices, and knowledge and expertise to help you on every purchase. Working with C&L Plumbing Supply Co. Inc., you realize you’re getting top-quality parts and fantastic customer service.We are proud to say that we have been female driven and Hispanic owned and operated by three generations of women, over 30 years! We are proud to be servicing the city of El Paso, TX, and committed to the reputation of excellence and professionalism. Having three generations under our belt is a benefit to our customers because we have evolved using advanced technology to analyze, diagnose, and supply you with the plumbing instruments you need to get the job done right and efficiently. Our plumbing supplies are made to help you and your family, your home or business, by keeping you comfortable and safe throughout the entire year.Finding a great plumbing supplier you can trust is hard. Sometimes it takes plumbing contractors months or years to find the plumbing supplier they value. We can be your match while also providing you products like plumbing fixtures, water heaters, copper tubing, commercial and residential plumbing supplies, tubs and showers, and so much more!When a plumbing disaster strikes, call C&L Plumbing Supply Co. Inc. in El Paso, TX. Get personal advice and the plumbing supplies you need so you can have the job done correctly. Call us today!