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Border Solar

7365 Remcon Circle
El Paso, TX

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



Border Solar's vision is to enable the deployment of Solar Energy along with supplemental technologies that will help reduce our nation's dependence of fossil fuels and help reduce Green House Gases. We are proud to offer the opportunity to harvest the power from the sun to the community. Our knowledge and expertise of this renewable energy resource along with our award winning expertise in energy efficiency will help you understand how to best utilize this abundant natural power resource in the best possible way.Border Solar, a Division of Southwest Sustainable Energy, was launched from a vision of energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability, to deploy solar photovoltaic energy systems where the benefits and opportunities can be maximized; commercial and residential roofs, solar parking arrays close to the Demand, where Distributed Generation can ease peak demand from power plants and consequently, provide direct and indirect environmental and financial benefits to their users. BORDER SOLAR is a solar integrator providing turn-key design/build solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects. Border Solar's award-winning team includes Engineers, LEED Accredited Professionals and Energy Efficiency Experts that have been nationally recognized by national organizations such as U.S.EPA and RESNET.Border Solar strives to introduce and market residential and commercial solar photovoltaic technology, solar parking arrays and large scale solar PV installations. Border Solar will target Solar Parking Arrays for commercial, industrial and government projects, and Conventional Solar PV System Installations for residential and commercial projects. Additionally, "Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems" (BIPVS) will be introduced to the market with a focus on new construction, as functional architectural elements, to further promote renewable energy to the community.Border Solar offers vertical integration of all key capabilities required for the full, turn-key implementation of each project. These capabilities include project planning and management, design, construction, operations and maintenance.