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Bask in the delights of the season with the exciting Summer 2015 edition of Su Casa El Paso & Northern New Mexico! Discover three gorgeous feature homes that range from an eclectic modern farmhouse to a colorful Pueblo-style adobe. Outdoor living is essential during the Southwestern summer, and designer and television personality Moll Anderson has some valuable tips on how to energize your outdoor living area with a pop of vibrant color. There are many advantages to installing artificial grass around your home, and we’ll tell you why. Give your interiors a fresh new touch with luxurious custom closets, and browse our top picks for iconic midcentury modern chairs. Finish off this edition by trying out recipes for two refreshing summer sippers, perfect for a summer soiree or relaxing on the porch.

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a colorful season

The colors of summer break out in every possible area of our lives. From the food and drink we consume, to our clothing, to how we decorate our homes, the surrounding color palette completely changes with the season. And here in El Paso and Southern New Mexico, we love bright colors.

The outside environment changes dramatically as well during these warm days, both in the surrounding mountains and deserts and in the colors around our home. Green grass, red roses, and other colorful plants create a splendid color contrast against exterior walls. Of course, some of those walls in this region are adobe, and if we’ve learned one thing over the years about this uniquely Southwestern home style, colors—especially bright colors—stand out even brighter by contrast against that distinctive finish.

As desert dwellers, we tend to gravitate toward “grass greens” and those vibrant blues often found on doors and window frames. These colors are complementary to the adobe color, providing a soothing and compatible color palette. It’s no wonder it brings us peace.

If your home and life are lacking color, this is the perfect—and truly, the easiest— time to introduce it. Should you need inspiration to get colorful (and somehow this issue of Su Casa hasn’t gotten you there), I recommend checking out our story on Artspace. This exciting live/work area for local artists and their families just broke ground in downtown El Paso; next year it will be filled with intense, colorful art of every type as well as the individuals who created it.

Color inspiration comes from many sources, whether man-made or divinely created. It starts by truly seeing and connecting with the colors around you. If you really look, you’ll notice an amazing array of vivid hues that can be incorporated into your lifestyle, creating a peace and harmony that can add joy to your daily life.

Bruce Adams, Publisher