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Spring forward and embrace the change of seasons with the exciting new Spring edition of Su Casa! Discover three beautiful feature homes, each with inspired creativity in architecture and design, and decorative embellishments that visually delight. From a modern home with southwestern appeal, to an authentic, Tuscan-style abode, each space features the best of southwestern living in El Paso and Las Cruces. In this area, spring opens up our homes to a long season of outdoor living; get some advice from contributor Steve Thomas on building raised bed gardens, as well as tips from a local pro on what to plant in your southwestern garden, and read up on a West El Paso outdoor living area that connects indoor and outdoor living with a variety of decorative accents and innovative technology. Be inspired to embrace a refreshing new style for your home with trendy design ideas, custom home bars, and Moll Anderson’s tips on creating an entryway full of personality. Finish off this edition by reading up on a new brunch spot that adds a different dimension to a growing El Paso nursery.

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When traveling overseas—or to any exotic location—we visit all the traditionally significant sights. Many of us, however, also want to see how the locals truly live. We want more than simply to view the exteriors of the beautiful homes we see sprinkled around a community; we want to get inside. In cities as diverse as Hong Kong, Istanbul, New Orleans, Charleston, and New York City, I have been blessed with seeing beyond the outside walls to the lifestyles within. Each locale has its own challenges, and accordingly, the homes have been designed and built with solutions in mind; but the homeowners’ more specific, personal needs were also met.

Thus, the biggest influences in a home’s design are the owners themselves. El Paso and Las Cruces are no different to those other locales; except that here we can easily visit the Parade of Homes, get that interior view we so desire, and see the many creative ideas implemented inside.

The upcoming Parade shows brilliant examples of how builders and homeowners have come together to create homes that meet personal desires and also fit the requirements of living in this region, with its mild winters, warm summers, and mostly dry climate. In this cooperative relationship, architects and homeowners negotiate a final design that meets environmental and individual needs while staying within budget. This, in my mind, is where the builders’ skills and creativity often play a big role, as they develop solutions that leave homeowners both surprised and satisfied.

As you’re enjoying these stunning Parade homes, this is also your opportunity to visit with the various contractors about the possibilities surrounding your own new home. You’ll get a feel for their personalities, skills, and creativity. In short, by the end of the process, you will be rather intimate with this builder; so the Parade allows you the chance to do a little speed dating to find the right match.

Before you begin visiting with builders, do what the homeowners did in our featured homes. They examined what they truly wanted and needed, and their list of priorities enabled a very meaningful and useful conversation. They were also flexible and trusting, understanding that creative architects can find even better solutions that provided even greater satisfaction. When you work this way, regardless of whether your home is in the Parade, it will make you proud.

Bruce Adams, Publisher