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Delight in the joys of winter’s festive season with the exciting new Winter edition of Su Casa! Discover three stunning feature homes that were each infused with not only the homeowners’ personalities, but also by their beautiful environmental and cultural surroundings. From an updated adobe farmhouse, to a vibrant, Pueblo-style abode, each home represents the best of Southwestern living. See how a West El Paso kitchen went from cramped to entertainment-ready after a full-scale remodel, complete with gorgeous new maple cabinetry and functional amenities. Gather some ideas for incorporating bold ceiling design into your spaces, and read up on interior designer Moll Anderson’s tips for creating a welcoming guest space. Finish off this edition by getting the details on a local El Paso restaurant that’s serving up rustic, Italian fare and toast to the joyful season with decadent winter cocktails.

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tearing down the walls

Ah, all the holiday parties are over and we’ve turned the corner into a new year. At this particular time of year you might be evaluating how well your home accommodated the holiday festivities and possibly a growing family tree.

When your home is designed right, it works for festivities year-round, so there’s no harm in beginning your creative process right now. Not only will your home be more enjoyable during the next winter holiday season, but you’ll be able to enjoy it long before then. The topics covered in this issue provide enlightening inspiration as you consider the many possibilities. The bottom line is for your home to work better and be more beautiful for the life you and your family enjoy.

I am especially drawn to the story in which an older home was retrofitted to the preferences of the current homeowners and their entertaining needs. We all know how large, open floor plans work to bring guests together. Removing certain walls in your home allows for gracious entertaining, and social walls will fall as well.

After the socializing, houseguests will be retiring to the guest room that you have designed for their comfort and rest. We’re going to show you how others have accomplished this. I personally feel it’s an opportunity for your guests to gain a more intimate perspective of who you are. I decorated my guest room with photos of scenes around the city, as seen through my vision. It gives my visitors a sense of place and a better sense of me.

In the midst of all this creativity, don’t forget to look up. The ceilings in our homes are one of the most overlooked opportunities to create a room’s mood and reinforce its design. The story on ceiling design will change the way you look up.

Looking up is something we all want to do, both literally and figuratively in this new year. Our home is a great place to start. I certainly wish each of you a year of happiness and peace in a home you truly love.

Bruce Adams, Publisher