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Fall is upon us, and with it, the exciting new Autumn edition of Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico—full of fresh design ideas for your Southwestern home. Discover three stunning feature homes that range in style, from a contemporary fourplex, to a Spanish-Moroccan residence with distinctive retro flair. Trying to breathe new life into your home? Be inspired to amp up your interiors with old-world ornamental iron and read up on interior designer Moll Anderson’s tips on creating a space inspired by your favorite travel spots. For more on décor, browse a collection of our favorite seasonal pieces for your kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. And because autumn is a great season for baking, finish off this edition by trying out a local family’s recipe for a delicious fall treat.

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community pride

I often hear of cities whose residents crave an identity. They want an identifying symbol, structure, way of life, or style that works to define their area. In a country that’s homogeneous, with many cities easily mistaken for one another, it’s gratifying to know that the El Paso and Las Cruces region has a look and a quality all its own. While history and historical buildings help define a town’s identity, El Paso, for example, never really needed the old smelt towers. This area is rich with visual reminders of exactly where we are and why it’s special.

Many cities in the West suffer from being too new, lacking architecture that dates to the 1800s. Neither El Paso nor Las Cruces is challenged this way; our local architecture often connects directly to the past and helps us appreciate the continuum of life and the history that preceded us. It makes for a good starting point as we build new houses and other structures. We can borrow from the past while incorporating new technologies and contemporary sensibilities. The result is a community that feels and looks cohesive and timeless, without merely looking “old.” I’ll be very curious how the new building surge in downtown El Paso encompasses our history and our future.

Fall is often the time of year when homeowners re-evaluate their needs, wants, and dreamy wishes as they apply to their homes. As those thoughts turn into design and construction, it’s appropriate to consider how our plans respect the history and culture of the area. Forged iron, for example, has many advantages in the home. Not only does it speak to our roots, but it’s attractive, flexible, and has many practical uses. An intricate iron design can add both beauty and security to a home, and still be contemporary and new. You’ll be inspired by forged iron beautifully executed in one of our featured homes.

Preserving and repurposing old and found items factors into another story in this issue. Upcycling also accomplishes the goal of respecting our traditions while still being practical to today’s needs here in the 21st century. It fits perfectly with the trend of residents wanting to be close to the geographic as well as the cultural center of their community. And as this infill home cleverly demonstrates, both needs can be met.

It’s my hope that this issue will inspire you to think of your home, regardless of its style and history, as it relates to our community. As you plan your next home project, check out Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico. We’re here to help you make your life and your home as unique, beautiful, and colorful as the community we love.

Bruce Adams, Publisher