Green Home of the year Awards

Indoor Environmental Quality Award

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About this home
Our goal was to set the bar high for sustainable, energy-efficient, reproducible green homes. What we accomplished was a LEED for Homes certified Platinum, zero energy, zero carbon dioxide emissions, high-performance, sustainable, reproducible green home that the average home buyer can afford.

We started with a functional floor plan that is designed to minimize waste of construction materials and is practical for the average family. Paying close attention to every detail of construction and looking at the home as a system instead of a collaboration of individual components, we were able to build a sustainable home that efficiently uses and produces energy while conserving water and providing a healthy indoor air environment.

Our green home generates renewable energy by the use of photovoltaic solar panels. By systematically calculating the electrical energy needs of the home, we were able to size the photovoltaic solar system to generate more energy than what the average family would consume under normal living conditions. Utilizing thermal solar panels for domestic hot water, we were able to effectively eliminate the conventional gas hot water heater and avoid carbon dioxide emissions.

Using a HEPA filter in conjunction with the heat recovery ventilation system, low-VOC interior materials, passive radon ventilation system, pressurized interior environment, and Energy Star kitchen exhaust fan, we are able to provide a healthy indoor living environment while reducing the exposure to outdoor pollutants.

Even though upon your first visit to our green home you will notice the photovoltaic and thermal solar panels as well as the filtration system and monitoring components, it’s what you cannot see that makes the home one of the most affordable energy-efficient green homes available.

Lot Design, Preparation, Development, and Environmental Responsibility
This is a sustainable development with a reduced environmental impact due to the proximity of schools, day care, shopping, churches, a park, community center, fire station, financial institutions, and restaurants.

Use of Materials and Resource Efficiency
The use of materials and resources is maximized by the use of Green Guard–certified insulation, the use of finger-jointed studs, and advanced framing techniques that reduce the amount of lumber used, and Fibrex (a recycled vinyl and wood composite) constructed windows.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency is achieved by R-50 attic insulation, R-23 wall insulation, 100 percent CFL Energy Star light fixtures, 15 SEER, 9.0 HSPF condenser, ducts in conditioned space, 4.5 kWh photovoltaic with 4,100 watt 94 percent inverter, Energy Star dishwasher, thermal solar hot water, R-10 slab insulation, Energy Star windows, airtight construction, and jumper ducts.

Water Efficiency
Water efficiency is found in the use of low-flow plumbing fixtures through the house as well as by incorporating the use of drip irrigation for both the xericscaped front and rear yards.

Indoor Environmental Quality
Indoor environmental quality was achieved with the use of a HEPA filter in conjunction with a heating recovery ventilation system that uses air from the bath areas for the outtake to maintain moisture levels. Solid surface floor coverings are used throughout the house, as well as low-VOC interior paint, and no combustion appliances in the house.

Operation, Maintenance, and Homeowner Education
By installing the HEPA HRV, the control of the moisture content in the wet areas of the home is automatically managed 24 hours a day, relieving the homeowner the burden of turning the fans on and off. A front and rear yard with xeriscaped landscaping and autodrip irrigation mean that maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Environmental Impact
This house is a true net-zero home. There will be a net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide for the life of this house since the basis of energy for the house is renewable solar. Another factor affecting environmental impact is the non-use of HCFC refrigerant.