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We are so lucky to live here. While West Texas and Southern New Mexico have unique challenges, our generally temperate climate allows for year-round outdoor home enjoyment. In Su Casa El Paso & Southern New Mexico, we often show homes where the outdoors are connected to the home through wonderfully designed patios, cooking areas, and gardens. In this issue we talk about ways to make your outdoor living more fun, too.

Houses in this region have, for the most part, been designed to manage heat and intense sun. Many of these designs and construction techniques were developed before the days of air conditioners—but they still work today. As we see in this issue, ideas from other places can be applied to our region. One couple utilized Tuscan design features for their patio to help create shade, not to mention an attractive space to entertain and lounge. I created a patio on the shady side of my own house, so that as the afternoon sun moves to the other side, my patio area becomes cool and comfortable.

Greenery is an important ingredient for enjoyable living, and we love our gardens. Of course, our infrequent rain poses some interesting gardening challenges, but like many people, I have had great success growing chile and succulents. Chile loves the intense sun, doesn’t like its leaves wet—only its roots—and grows very well with irrigated or drip watering systems. It’s no wonder it thrives in the Southwest.

Within these pages we talk about beautiful, spa-like showers, and in our story about the many possibilities for comfortable outdoor living, you’ll see how one homeowner created their own home spa, outside. Their outdoor shower makes them feel like they’re in a resort, not just their backyard.

Summer and outdoor living would not be complete without seasonal foods and beverages, served alfresco, of course. Check out the books reviewed in Su Libro for delicious taco and ice cream recipes. Our wine expert, James Selby, serves up some light and enjoyable summer cocktails made with mezcal. Summer living is sounding better and better, isn’t it?

Summer is for relaxing. Give your home a summer resort feel, and you might be happiest right at home. I hope you can find your summertime bliss, however you envision it.

Bruce Adams, Publisher