read Autumn 2016

For anyone seriously considering a new home in 2017, you have many options. You can buy a home, of course. You can also build new, or remodel your current residence. In the Winter 2017 issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico, we celebrate green building (it’s easier than you think) and remodeling (which doesn’t have to involve a full-scale renovation). The key is to get going. Winter is the ideal time to start planning your new home, and Su Casa is full of ideas and inspiration.

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read Autumn 2016

consider the possibilities

The dark and chilly days of winter allow us a lot of “at home” time. This might mean being able to pursue indoor hobbies and interests or possibly spending more time with family. Regardless, we use more of the interiors of our homes at this time of the year, and as a result, we begin to examine how well our homes work for us on both a practical and an aesthetic level.

Those two concepts are not mutually exclusive. In this issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico, you will meet a pair of opera singers-turned-teachers who created a home that’s at once beautiful, surprising, dramatic, and colorful—plus it’s designed with incredible acoustics appropriate to their profession. Their story is our story.

Our existing homes can also achieve this level of aesthetic practicality. We can, in most cases, easily transform our homes (or parts of them) to better fit our lifestyle and create beautiful spaces.

As an amateur musician, I installed hardwood floors to bring out the sound of my piano. Not only has the floor become an extension of the sound board, it’s also gorgeous, easy to clean, and highly durable. Being bamboo, it’s a renewable wood and is environmentally friendly. I got it all. So can you.
Not only can you achieve the beauty and practicality you desire, you can also be environmentally friendly. Here in New Mexico we are blessed to live in a state where contractors, designers, and remodelers are highly skilled in green building.

Now’s an opportune time to consider how your home could be more satisfying. How did it work for entertaining during the holidays? Do you have appropriate spaces for your activities? Do you like the way it looks? Most importantly, when you look around does it make you feel good about yourself and your life? Life’s too short to not be thrilled by your home. Builders and designers are a wealth of information and happy to make suggestions about how your home might be transformed into a place you can’t wait to get back to.

And that’s the goal.

Bruce Adams, Publisher