Create Doorways That
Open Your Mind

There’s no question about it: effectively using doors is the most powerful yet most overlooked element in creating a successful house. In a region where we’re all hooked on spectacular views, windows get all the attention. Doors are seen as mere tools to get us from one room to another.

Big mistake.

First, consider the energy tied up in the way we define spaces and boundaries. The placement and use of doors dictates who gets to go where, what’s private and what’s not, what’s locked up and who has the key. Doors open and close at the very heart of our social conventions and family dynamics.

Tap into the energy invested in doors, and you’ll have a lot of power at your disposal as you create doorways, halls, gates, and transitions.

Of course it all starts at the front door, where visitors encounter a house and register their initial impression of the occupants, what they’re all about, and how they feel about guests.

Picture standing on a country porch as the farmer’s wife opens the white-painted cottage door. Contrast that image with the massive mahogany door of a mansion, complete with brass hardware and a suspicious butler “greeting” you. These are stereotypes, of course, but they clarify how vastly different front door experiences can be.

Often overlooked and underappreciated, doorways provide a great opportunity to change the way you think about your house. Follow these tips to create doors that open your mind.