Strosnider Builds
High-Tech Classic

All together, the Strosnider family has 65 years of experience building in Albuquerque, but brothers Patrick and Tim and father Lloyd haven’t become stuck in their ways. Their featured house in this year’s Homes of Enchantment Parade is one of the first custom homes in Albuquerque certified by the Building America Program.

The 4,030-square-foot Tuscan-style house tops a small rise in the Primrose Pointe development adjacent to the Sandia foothills. Its simple geometry and cascade of clay tile roofs succeed in melding the currently popular Mediterranean style with New Mexico’s architectural traditions.

This year’s Parade home is only one of many styles in the Strosniders’ portfolio. The numerous homes they’ve built since 1983 include Pueblo- and Territorial-style houses along with contemporary pitched-roof models that would feel at home anywhere in the country. The Strosnider Company also offers versatility in prices and locations in the two custom home enclaves they’re currently developing—Paloma del Sol on Albuquerque’s West Side and Primrose Pointe.

In part, the versatility of Strosnider homes comes from the varied experience of the Strosnider family. Lloyd Strosnider has accumulated years of knowledge in land acquisition, planning, and administration. Patrick, who keeps schedules and budgets running smoothly, helps clients work with designers to turn personal ideas into practical realities. Tim heads the company’s on-site operations and works closely with both subcontractors and homeowners while the house is going up.

A thousand-year-old juniper-wood buffet beneath a steel sculpture graces one wall of the dining room. Custom chairs from Ernest Thompson complement the steel-and-glass table by Iron Horse Design, Albuquerque. Artwork throughout the house provided by Dartmouth Street Gallery and artist Russ Tanner. Sculpture by Richard Garriott-Stejskal.